Geoloqi Titanium Module - Android Callback?
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    I am testing out the Android GCM Push capabilities and believe I have everything hooked up. I am using the Geoloqi Titanium module 1.1 with Titanium SDK 3.0. I have followed all the sample code and tutorials to the letter, and was able to see my layer subscription in the debug screen, and sent from the Geoloqi console successfully. The result showed one device registered when I sent, but I did not see anything come through on my phone. 

    All I have is the geoloqi.init call. I am assuming I am missing a callback beyond the onSuccess and onFailure callbacks, but I can't seem to find any additional documentation or samples for Titanium. Did I miss something?


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  • Nevermind. I accidentally set up my test app to point at my real app on Geoloqi. That doesn't work when I use the test app name in the tiapp.xml file for all the android setup.

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