Titanium Geoloqi Plugin - Place/Update does not work
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    I am using Appcelerator Titanium SDK 3.0 and Geoloqi plugin 1.2 for my app. I can see my Geoloqi place/info call, but when I try to make the place/update to change the radius, there is no call made and no error. I see no activity on the phone, no onSuccess or onFailure events triggered, no debug information either on the phone or on the Geoloqi debugger. I tried downgrading to Titanium SDK 2.1.4 with no success.

    function UpdatePlace(placeID, radius, latitude, longitude) {
        try {
            geoloqi.session.postRequest("place/update/" + placeID, {
                radius: radius,
                latitude: latitude,
                longitude: longitude
            }, {
                onSucess: function (data) {
                    alert('Alert update was successful!');
                onFailure: function (data) {
                    alert('There was a problem updating the area of your alert.')
        } catch (e) {

    Can we either get a fix to the plugin or can someone suggest a workaround to changing the radius of a place? 


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  • All,

    I tested this further using the Geoloqi API console. Regardless of which account I use (personal or application) when I enter my place/update/place_id call I get 403 access denied. It doesn't matter what parameters I use either. I have tried all combinations of radius, latitude, longitude and layer and I get nothing. 

    Anyone? Anyone?
  • All,

    This is resolved. It appears to work fine now that I figured out the issue on the Titanium side. There was an error that Titanium swallowed that should have been reported. 

    My apologies if you wasted time on this one...

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