Update Trigger or Place Radius
  • Hi Support,

    Now that I am able to set up triggers and messages, I want my users to be able to change the alert radius after my place and trigger have been created. 
    1) Do I need to change the radius on both the trigger and place? 
    2) Since trigger does not appear to have an update API call, do I need to kill the trigger and recreate it?
    3) What parameters are required to update the place? I am using Titanium and my geoloqi update call never seems to make it to the server, All other calls do. I am not even seeing this hit the debugger, so I am wondering if this is failing in the plugin.  

    Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

    geoloqi.session.postRequest("place/update/" + placeID, {
    radius : radius
    onSucess : function(data){
    alert('Alert update was successful!');
    onFailure : function(data){
    alert('There was a problem updating the area of your alert.')

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  • The shape is actually associated with the place, so you only need to update the place, not the trigger, so your code is correct.

    Do you get either of the alert messages you've set up in the callbacks? If you post the place ID you're trying to update and the time of when you made one of the requests I may be able to look at the logs and see what's wrong.
  • Hi Aaron, 

    No callbacks are hit at all. I don't even see the call appearing in the Geoloqi debugger. That's why I am not sure the Titanium plugin code is working for the update. I wrapped it inside place/info thinking I also needed the lat/lon. I can see the place/info call go through, just not the update. Below is the log from TestflightApp from last night. I tried updating place 381B from 500m to 4000m

    2013-01-28 22:12:14 [INFO] UpdatePlace: 381B 4000


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