How to connect push notification to weblink?
  • Hi everyone,

    I am subscribed using Geonotes to the Wikipedia layer and a couple other test layers of my own. I noticed that when I click the wikipedia push notifications it takes me to the website. How can I set my own notifications up to do that?

    Please note that I have only tried "Send me a message" geotriggers. I have not tried "Notify a URL" because my Geonotes triggers have stopped in the last couple days (I think I hit a limit at 50? I don't know. I asked in another discussion). If the Notify a URL geotrigger is what does this, then you can appropriately reply with "That's it, you idiot"


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  • You cannot set a url with the geonote/create method in the API or with the visual trigger editor. You have to use the trigger/create method and set the "url" param to the url you want the push to open.

    if you are using geonote/create I would recommend using trigger/create as geonotes are really just a subset of triggers.
  • Thank you for replying. 

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