Limit per month on Geonote triggers?
  • Hi everyone...

    Can someone please tell me if there is a limit per month on Geonote triggers? Mine appears to have stopped at 50 for the month. I have an Egg account. I would be willing to upgrade but I don't want to upgrade to receive extra geotriggers for my applications if it won't resolve my problem in Geonotes.


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  • If you are using the Geonotes app from the app store there should be no limit. You have probably stopped receiving pushes because the push notifications on the Wikipedia Layer only message you once.

    If you are using your own custom app Geonotes count as triggers so you should receive 100.
  • Thank you for replying. Just to be sure I am reading you correctly - what if I am using a custom layer within the Geonotes app? I am not setting Geonotes but using the visual editor to create a custom layer I access through Geonotes. Does that count toward my 100 trigger limit?

    Thanks again,

  • No Geonotes is a free app. The 100 Geotrigger limit is for developer applications.

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