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  • The short question I have is what would (minus the obvious // an advanced user place in here? 

    I am definitely a beginner... but I do understand some. I have an app right now that is live on the Apple App Store and I have a test app that I have included your SDK into. I get 3 different responses when in the Debug part of the website under my applications, but NOTHING in the usages section. I have setup a layer but have no idea how to incorporate the layer ID into the app in Xcode. It is my understanding that the API Requests won't increment with just running the app on my device but rather after a trigger is ... errr um triggered?? 

    Anyway, I am sure my ignorance is steaming all over the LCD's of those reading this but I really would appreciate any help or a point in the right direction.

    I may be off base here but I think that these services are the future of ALL mobile marketing and with every aspect of ones life going in that direction the opportunity seems endless and one with very little competition right now. 

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