Sample/tutorial for private (app-wide) layer
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    I need to have a layer that I create for all the users in my app. Problem is I don't get any messages from it or at least hits in the debugger. Do I need to auto-subscribe my users to a specific layer from titanium? Also.. what are the best practices for testing the app except going outside and back inside the geofence?
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  • To make a private app wide layer you should login to the developers website and click on layers and create a new layer under your application.

    You will need to take note of the layer_id and subscribe your users to that layer in the titanium app before you receive messages.

    Triggers activating do not show up in the debugger only API requests, so as you walk around you will see location/update requests come in from your device.

    If you already have location data you can replay it into the API with

    Hope this helps!

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