Trigger callback
  • I fired a trigger to check callback trigger,
    in response of trigger that I fired , got the all trigger data and its detail.
    but it is not calling the given callback url .

    @result ="trigger/create", {
            :place_id => @place[:place_id],
            :key        => "myuniquekeyfor"+lat.to_s+longi.to_s,
             :url => url,
            :type       => "callback",
            :text       => "Welcome to "+place_name,
            :place_name => place_name,
            :trigger_after => 60,
            :one_time => 0

    plz suggest the solution for it.

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  • You can test your callback URL by using the trigger/run/:id command, passing in the trigger ID. This will simulate what happens when someone encounters the area, and will send a POST to your callback URL.

    Keep in mind that since you have set "trigger_after=60", when this trigger is run in response to a device's location, the device will have to be in the trigger area for 60 seconds or the trigger will not run. If the trigger is too small, it is likely it won't register as being within the area the entire time.

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