What is the length limit of a Geoloqi message sent over APS (Push)?
  • Messages being sent via group/message seem to be of arbitrary length and limit. What is deciding the length of these messages?

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  • Messages sent via Apple's push notification service (APNS or APS) have a maximum payload size of 256 bytes. However, the message is actually sent as a JSON blob including some other metadata such as text to display on the button, which sound to play, and badge number. Because of this, the maximum size of the message that is displayed varies depending on other meta-data sent.

    The Geoloqi API automatically shortens messages to fit into 256 bytes if you send something that is too long. You will notice the message is truncated with "..." if you send something larger.
  • It all makes sense after reading the Apple doc on that payload, thanks.

    Since "badge" was mentioned, is there a way to set the badge number (in the API call, not the streaming service) when a notification is received? The badge parameter is not in the payload, so I assume not, but it's worth asking.

  • Sorry, the Geoloqi API does not currently support setting the badge number. We may add this in the near future, however.

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