Custom web interface
  • Hi, I'm writing a project to my developer and would like to use Geologi for this hoping I can get what I want.  At the begging was only to provide a custom FIND MY PHONE version to be implemented on my web and my app user, now that I found Geologi plans has change a lot.

    I provide  a software to my clients freight forwarder and carriers around the world but mostly to serve Latin America, now I want to offer more control over their drivers and since they are using my mobile APP (IOS) I guess is just some integration.

    So far the basic Idea is create a site like yours where clients can do what I do create place, notes, send instant messages to specific user etc.

    My client has a list of driver and he can create this note, places for individual and for groups...?

    Way to my user see their stats usage.. since I will be charging for this services would like to offer a view where their money goes..?

    History way to play back what each driver did, time stop, etc...

    any help highly appreciated

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