Layers and Places and Triggers Oh My - Can't Create Place on Application Layer in App Using API

  • All,

    Having fought all day yesterday trying to get geofencing to work in my Titanium mobile app, I have returned to you, the good folks at Geoloqi support, humbled and empty handed. 

    I am using Appcelerator Titanium and the Geoloqi Titanium module to try to build an iPhone app.

    First, I have the following code in my app.js file with a clientID and secret from my Application record on Geoloqi.

    clientId : '...',
    clientSecret : '...,
    trackingProfile : "PASSIVE"

    Now I am assuming that the data returned is application data, not my personal data so I shouldn't need to exchange anything using oauth, right?

    Second, I went on the Geoloqi website and created a new layer for my application. I am hoping to bypass the need to create layers in my app and instead just add and delete places from that layer. I futzed all day yesterday trying to get layers to work and didn't succeed, so I want to try to do this using an application layer created on the Geoloqi website instead.


    Using the above init data to connect to Geoloqi and create a session, I can subscribe to the application layer I created, but either I do not have permission to add a place to that layer or the layer can't be found.

    What in [insert benevolent deity of choice here]'s name am I doing wrong? 

    Based on all the guides, docs, tutorials, etc, after returning from the 7th ring of hell that is the Apple Provisioning Portal, I should just be able to use the code above in the init, add a layer, add a place, add a trigger, and VOILA, a message should appear on my phone. 

    I know it is not that easy. It is never that easy. There is always some tiny, albeit crucial, nugget of info missing. It is like that great Epicurious recipe that accidentally omitted the essential ingredient that keeps the food from tasting like whale dung. I know I am not stupid either. I have degrees and stuff. I read, research, and like the great software explorers before me, I have discovered the ends of the internets. 

    I just can't seem to get this app-essential logic flow to want to work. 

    1. Create Appcelerator Cloud Event
    2. Create Place on Application Layer
    3. Create Trigger for Place
    1. Delete event
    2. Delete Place
    I really could use some help here. My forehead is so flat at this point from repeatedly bashing it into the monitor, my wife may leave me and my kids are scared of me. Ok, perhaps that is a *slight* exaggeration, but if any of you folks could be so kind as to clue me in as to what I am missing, I would really appreciate it.


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