Trigger + Layer vs. Trigger + Place
  • I recently had an issue with triggers that Patrick helped clear up, but I am still missing something regarding the use of a place versus a layer for my application scenario. 

    I am currently using Appcelerator ACS to handle my event and communication and Geoloqi to handle the geofencing. What I want to be able to do is as follows:
    1) Create the event.
    2) Create the Geoloqi layer or place, passing in the event ID
    3) Create the trigger. 

    Ultimately I want anyone in the area to get the alert. What I didn't know is that users must subscribe to the layer to get the alert. I need the opposite. Users of my app will not know there is an event in their area and I need to alert them to this fact. Can I do this with places instead, or can I just automatically subscribe them to all layers that belong to my app? 

    Latest update: I changed to using places. In the debugger, I can see the place and the trigger being created successfully. I just can't receive the alert. 

    With sincere confusion,
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  • You can just automatically subscribe the user to the layer when your application starts.
  • It sounds like what you need is to be able to use message/broadcast to send an alert to anyone in an area. If you set up an empty layer and have all users subscribe to it, you can use that layer ID for sending the broadcast message, since you can specify the actual target location of the message separately.

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