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    1) Is there something going on with the debugging screen? Yesterday I was debugging my app and I saw an activity indicator followed by my layer and trigger creation, and push notification failure. Today I can see my API usage counts going up but nothing in the debugging screen. 

    2) In my BairFinder app, I finally got the damn Apple Push Certs fixed to the point where I could install on my phone and launch my test trigger (trigger/run:id) run. I was ecstatic when I received my test trigger on my phone until I realized my real coded trigger fails to arrive at my phone. I can see in code the layer is created successfully and the trigger is created successfully. It is a message trigger on enter, with a layer based on 500 meter radius from the current location. The only thing I can think of the that my layer may have the wrong coordinates, but since I can't see them in the debugging screen on Geoloqi right now, I can't really check that side of it.

    If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. I have already burned a ton of time and brain cells just getting Apple's provisioning system to work for Push Notifications*, and would --love-- for something to just work correctly out of the box. 


    *For anyone interested in entertainment at my expense, go to
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  • I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. The debugger was indeed broken. (we did a big site refresh yesterday).

    Its fixed now so you should be able to see API requests for your application.

    If you trigger is on a layer you need to subscribe to that layer before you can activate triggers. 

    You can quickly test push notifications with our api console (use the message/send method)

    A really good way to test triggers is to use our location simulator script, available here It will replay a history file (just a JSON file of location/history) back into our api so it looks like you are running around in realtime when you are in fact sitting at your desk.

    I hope these resources help you out. A trigger debugger is on our todo list and is one of the most requested tools we get.
  • Patrick,

    Thanks so much for the quick response. I appreciate it. I see the debugger is working again and I can see my activity in real time. 

    I am posting another question in the forum regarding the trigger and layer vs. place so as to avoid confusion...

    Thanks again,

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