[LQTracker sharedTracker] causing app to crash
  • My company has an app that uses Geoloqi. It's been working fine until today. All of a sudden our users are reporting application crashes upon start-up. Debuging this project in xcode produces the following lldb dump/trace.

    I've tracked the crash down to the Application didFinishLaunching delegate. In this delegate is the standard Geoloqi 'init' code which creates an anonymous user. Setting a breal-point on the following line and then stepping into/over it producs the below crash:

    [[LQTracker sharedTracker] setProfile:LQTrackerProfilePassive];

    project`-[LOLDatabase setSerializer:] at LOLDatabase.m:22:

    0x18ae0:  pushl  %ebp

    0x18ae1:  movl   %esp, %ebp

    0x18ae3:  pushl  %edi

    0x18ae4:  pushl  %esi

    0x18ae5:  subl   $48, %esp

    0x18ae8:  calll  0x00018aed               ; -[LOLDatabase setSerializer:] + 13 at LOLDatabase.m:22

    0x18aed:  popl   %eax

    0x18aee:  movl   16(%ebp), %ecx

    0x18af1:  movl   12(%ebp), %edx

    0x18af4:  movl   8(%ebp), %esi

    0x18af7:  movl   $1, %edi

    0x18afc:  movl   %esi, -12(%ebp)

    0x18aff:  movl   %edx, -16(%ebp)

    0x18b02:  movl   %ecx, -20(%ebp)

    0x18b05:  movl   -16(%ebp), %ecx

    0x18b08:  movl   -12(%ebp), %edx

    0x18b0b:  movl   355595(%eax), %eax

    0x18b11:  movl   -20(%ebp), %esi

    0x18b14:  movl   %edx, (%esp)

    0x18b17:  movl   %ecx, 4(%esp)

    0x18b1b:  movl   %eax, 8(%esp)

    0x18b1f:  movl   %esi, 12(%esp)

    0x18b23:  movl   $1, 16(%esp)

    0x18b2b:  movl   $1, 20(%esp)

    0x18b33:  movl   %edi, -24(%ebp)

    0x18b36:  calll  0x0004a130               ; objc_setProperty

    0x18b3b:  addl   $48, %esp

    0x18b3e:  popl   %esi

    0x18b3f:  popl   %edi

    0x18b40:  popl   %ebp

    0x18b41:  ret    

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