Push Notification Setup on Android using Titanium module
  • I'm having trouble getting push notifications working with the Geoloqi module in titanium.

    I've edited my application and pasted my Google API Key, but I don't know if it gets saved.  When I re-edit the application, the field is blanked out again.

    I've tried creating a user with the "device_id" and "mac", but those never get saved to the user.

    I've tried the example app.js under \modules\android\ti.geoloqi\1.0\example\app.js

    Here's my modified app.  I'm trying to create a user that registers a device, which I assume is required to get push notifications.

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  • We have same problem here. We tried every possible settings. If we use PushAccount in config we get c2dm token, and we can get device id on api console but the push notification dont arrive, if we use PushSender in config we get a gcm access token, but when we try to send a push on API console we get back no device registered. We try the 1.0 and 1.1 version. Our iOS version is working fine and it is under review in App Store.
  • Is there any updated SDK documentation for the titanium module?  Currently there is just a placeholder file in the documentation folder.

    If I had all of the available methods and properties (similar to the android sdk generated docs) I could probably figure it out.

    [Update from above]: my Google API key was saved even though the the web field gets blanked out.  I was able to implement push notification fairly easily using the native android sdk.
  • Oops, the above comment is me posting on a tester account :)
  • Update 2: I've gotten a geoloqi user to associate with a device, but it associates with [c2dm] rather than [gcm].  Since c2dm is depreciated and you can no longer get accounts, how do I associate geoloqi users with the newer gcm (Google Cloud Messaging) account?

    As a note, the geoloqi android sdk does link with gcm accounts.
  • If you have specified both a pushSender and pushAccount, it will only register the C2DM token. If you have specified only the pushSender for GCM and are still having trouble, I can investigate your account if you send an email to support@geoloqi.com. Thanks!
  • Has there been any development in this issue? I am using version 1.3. The app exits every time geology.init is called on Android. iOS is working fine.
  • I am in the same boat!
  • IF you make sure you are using Google API 2.2 and use version 1.1 of the module it will work.

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