iPhone4 device can not receive message send notification.
  • Hi,

    Following i have done for getting message push notification using message/send 
    1. Added Geoloqi sdk lib to my sample app.
    2. In appDelegare didFinishLaunchingWithOptions used following code:
        [LQSession setAPIKey:@"64367a64533c16f9c943bf696f143142" secret:@"f6f487cd7229d0e8b0bdfdc317601b05"];    

        [LQTracker configureAnonymousUserAccountWithUserInfo:nil profile:LQTrackerProfilePassive]; 

        [LQSession application:application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:launchOptions];

    3.Added remote notification registering code as below:

     NSLog(@"Registering for push notifications...");    

        [[UIApplication sharedApplication]registerForRemoteNotificationTypes:(UIRemoteNotificationTypeAlertUIRemoteNotificationTypeBadge


    4.Added notification handling methods that you mentioned in sample code to handle notification.

    5.Created .p12 file and uploaded on Geoloqi application web site for created application.

    6.It is registered for apple push notification and received device token in "didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken" method.

    7.account/profile api called to get the anonymous user-id. after getting user id I am calling message/send api to check message push notification. I am getting following response for message/send APi.

    {    devices = 0;

       result = "no_devices_registered";

       user = "_kJfzR1iiPgkJRhLb1";

       "user_id" = SoS;


    still did not received message push notification on iphone device.

    Also done following for registering for push notification.

    1.Called following method for push registration:

      - (void)registerForPushNotifications {

        [LQSession registerForPushNotificationsWithCallback:^(NSData *deviceToken, NSError *error) {


                NSLog(@"Failed to register for push tokens: %@", error);

            } else {

                NSLog(@"Got a push token! %@", deviceToken);




    2.Then called the message/send api, got following response:


       devices = 1;

       result = ok;

       user = "_S3EVB1iiQCu6LqxYE";

       "user_id" = Soe;


    Still not getting push notification for the device. 

    Whats wrong with this????????????


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  • If you see "devices = 1" when running message/send then it did attempt to send a push notification. Please make sure you uploaded your push notification certificate to the website following this guide: http://developers.geoloqi.com/ios/push-notifications

    If the app is in the foreground when the push notification is sent, it is possible it will not be displayed unless you have specifically written code to handle this case. For a more reliable test, make sure the application is in the not open and then send the push notification.

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