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  • Hi.

    Would it be possible to add a 'key' to the init() method on the Titanium module?
    Since it basically calls a create anon user, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to add this.

    Right now, the only solution seems to be to call users/create_anon after init() has been called, which doesn't feel right.
    Maybe this is already another way to do it, but I can't find it.

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  • Just to make sure I understand you want to be able to set the "key" param for the anon user created by geoloqi.init().

    This is great suggestion, I'll look into getting it included in the next update of the Titanium Module.
  • Yes exactly.
    Without that parameter, there's no way to attach stuff set on geoloqi server to the current user of the app making the calls to the API.

    Since I posted this, I went testing calling "users/create_anon" after init() is done. I could get a fresh user but every api call went with the key grabbed by init(), so no luck there either.

    Would it be possible to give an ETA for this update?


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